Why I Write

All of my novels are examples of a literary genre that has fallen into disfavor in the publishing world—the social novel or social protest novel—fiction that entertains, engages, and illuminates human character by dramatizing an important societal issue and advocating positive change. In other words, novels with a message.

Well-known examples of American social novels include Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle, and John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath.

I believe that if there were ever a time for a resurgence of topical but engaging fiction about contemporary, highly relatable characters whose personal conflicts and issues are not separate from their political, moral, and social concerns, it is now.

Literature needs to have a louder voice to help save a country and planet in peril from the deep divisions in politics, ethical and scientific and religious beliefs, and nations and peoples.

Boon Juster
or The Reason for Everything

Was it all just one big photo-op?
When does a conspiracy theory become a social protest?

When it calls into question America's greatest triumph—whether we really had the resourcefulness, vision, and courage to send a man to the moon fifty years ago.

If we had it back then, how did our country get in the mess we're in today? If we didn't have it, that just might be the reason for everything.

"...Mordant, Stendhal-like literary approach. An urbane think-piece of a novel on alleged moon-landing—and baseball and business and marriage—lies, not to be mistaken for a sci-fi thriller.”
—Kirkus Reviews

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The Eleventh Grieve
or How a Weird-Weather Profiteer Learned to Love An Inconvenient Truth

Coming early 2018!

The swamp got drained? Really?
Set in the near-future, the story of a climate-change denier whose gradual acceptance of the scientific truth also brings him romantic happiness—with a little help from a beautiful, high-tech fairy godmother who employs some very unusual means of persuasion.

“Garth Hallberg has written a clever, compelling fable that puts a new spin on global warming and the fate of our small planet.”
—James Patterson

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