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The Robot Are Coming, Sort Of!

September 26, 2018

Tags: robots, jobs

Down and out in Silicon Valley
Atlas, Boston Dynamicís 165-pound robot and YouTube sensation, can run, jump, and even do backflips, and is rariní to go to work. But who wants to hire him?

Atlas is a classic case of technology outstripping utility. Heís designed to mimic a human beingís movements, but not to do anything useful that a human might do.

One of Atlasís UnHuman Resource issues is that heís not a self-starter. He needs a very-human handler to control him with a laptop, a joystick, and a wireless radio. Heís also clumsy, according to the New York Times. In a recent demonstration he stumbled to the floor several times and crashed headlong into a pylon. But given how quickly robotic technology is advancing, his deficiencies are unlikely to be anything other than growing pains. I wouldnít be surprised if, like many humans seeking to enter the work force for the first time and lacking a saleable skill set, he ends up in the military.

The immediate future in robotics appears to be highly specialized, single-task applications. Flippy, Miso Roboticís hamburger-making robot, (more…)