The Eleventh Grieve
How a Weird-Weather Profiteer
Learned to Love An Inconvenient Truth

This is the third grieve.
The story of a a climate-change denier whose gradual acceptance of the scientific truth also brings him romantic happiness—all with a little help from a beautiful, high-tech fairy godmother who employs some very unusual means of persuasion.

Jake Krimmer is a not-quite-forty, womanizing, financial wizard who’s found a lucrative, new way to strip-mine wealth from America’s economy. Krimmer uses arcane financial derivatives to make money off of other people’s misery—the disruption to the nation’s electricity supply from the increasingly frequent and violent floods and storms brought on by a changing climate.

Krimmer’s financial success is dependent on the ability of his attractive on-staff meteorologist, a single-mother named Samantha, to forecast in advance where and when what he stubbornly calls “weird weather” will strike. Samantha’s predictions are so accurate, and the financial rewards so sizeable, that Krimmer convinces her they need to call off a budding romance lest personal conflicts interfere with professional success—despite his uneasy feeling that she might be “the one.”

This arrangement seems to be working until Krimmer is confronted by an alluring and enigmatic not-quite-human being—Rita Ten Grieve— whose self-proclaimed mission is to end his profiteering from climate change and make him a better, more caring person. Enticed by the prospect of a potential conquest, Krimmer agrees to let Rita show him ten “grieves” for the future—ten lessons to make him grieve too about the selfishness and heartless indifference that make him callous not only about the fate of the Earth but also about the happiness of Samantha and her son.

Employing the far-reaching powers of the Nimbus—a technology that “lives above the Cloud in the datasphere”—Rita takes Krimmer forward and back in time to persuade him of the need for change. But when Krimmer, who seems to be won over, botches his attempt to convince Samantha to marry him, Rita must administer one final, soul-shattering lesson—the eleventh grieve.

Set in the near-future in Washington, DC, the background to Krimmer’s personal struggle and ultimate conversion is an acerbic, non-partisan view of the continuing policy failures of the political establishment and the daily dystopia that masquerades as government.